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Travel of Uzbekistan 12

Excursion Tour Uzbekistan. Tour # 3

Tour description:

Take a tour of the ancient cities of Uzbekistan during a tour of Uzbekistan 3. You will have the opportunity to ride camels and live in a yurt camp. Ancient Xivə, Samarkand, Bukhara and does not stay indifferent.

Day 1


Arrival at the airport in Tashkent. You will be met and the hotel. Hotel check-in. Time to discuss the program and other details of the tour company representative.

In the afternoon - Religious Amir Timur Square, Theatre Square and the Opera House, Applied Art, Earthquake Memorial, Abdul Kasim Madrassah and Alisher Navoi National Park, Independence Square, Khast Imam Square Museum: the old and new parts of the city, Tashkent Barakkhan viewing the Madrassah , and VII century, the Holy Book of the Islamic literature Kaffal Shashi mausoleum of the city center library.

Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2

Tashkent - Urgench - Xivə

Early breakfast.

Transferred to the domestic flights terminal.

07:00 Fly from Urgench, Uzbekistan Airlines flight HY1051

08:40 Arrival to Urgench Airport. Xivə (30 km) transmission. Hotel check-in.

"Inner city" as the Ichan Kala - the oldest Xivə start sightseeing in the city. Father Darbaza (Westgate) Kunya Ark, Muhammad Rakhim Madrassa Khan, Muhammad Amin Khan madrassah, mosques and minarets Jome Kalta Minor Minaret of Islam Khodja madrassah and the monuments of Ichan Kala of Central Asia's largest open-air museum, where 40 concubines in the harem Alauddin The tomb, Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleum, which is the last Xivə Allakulikhan Khan Madrassa and Tosh Hovli Palace, Said minarets, caravanserais and Tim were Allakulikhan.

Day 3

Xivə - Bukhara

Breakfast at the hotel. Today you Kizilkum Desert (475 km) of Bukhara, which Xivə have a long drive. Stop Amu Darya River, which is near the top of the route. Upon arrival at the hotel check Bukhara. Free time.

Day 4


Breakfast at the hotel.

Samanids, Bukhara Bolo Hauz mosque in the old city along the tour with a visit to the mausoleum of Dark Castle - the first century, ancient castles, minarets and mosques KALONA, Mir Arab madrasa KALONA with the POI location. Three trading days, or so-called domes of the sixteenth century covered market and the market for silk, jewelry, shopping centers, and even get to exchange money. Even today enjoy a wide range of famous Bukhara carpets and souvenirs you can buy a small souvenir magnets. Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan Sayfuddin schools visited Bukhara Caravanserai Abdullakhan Tim and crafts center. Magoki Attari mosque. Lyabi Hauz Bukhara center and in the XVII century old and rare Divanbegi Khanaqa Madrassa, Madrassa Kukeldash Khodja Nasreddin comedian and a famous historical figure for a monument to the architectural complex of the square base.

Rare Divanbegi Madrassa dinner with folk show. Overnight at the hotel.

5 Days

Bukhara - Kizilkum Desert - Yurt Camp

Breakfast at the hotel.

The yurt camp in the desert near the Kizilkum your Aydarkul Lake. Stop en route, Sarmysh Valley is a unique rock petroglyphs. (This is a summer camp for children, such as the operating system, the average May-August to the end of this period, it is not possible to visit the Canyon Sarmysh). After coming to camp this country, you will be placed in yurts. (Local Central Asian nomads are natural materials and traditional feel of the club is easy to use, and wood)

Camel riding around the outskirts of the camp. If you are swimming or fishing in the lake.

You can sing the melody of the song and the local Kazakh dombra dining room after dinner with camp fire, I would like to use around. (Akin to the typical singer in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Dombra a traditional string instrument of Central Asian nomads.

Day 6

Yurt Camp - Samarkand

Breakfast. Samarkand (3 hrs. Des drive). After check-in at the hotel in Samarkand. The famous Registan Square in Samarkand sightseeing with a trip to Start - Samarkand in Central Asia and a real masterpiece of architecture, the heart consists of three magnificent buildings: Ulugbek Madrassah, till Madrassa Sherdor and Kori Madrasah. Gur Emir mausoleum after his visit to Registan - the Timurid dynasty in a tomb, Bibi Khanum Mosque - the largest medieval building in the city; Shahi Zinda necropolis - a unique complex of tombs, Ulugbek Observatory - one of the most important astronomical;

A visit to the mausoleum of Khodja Doniyor known as Saint Daniel. The members of the three religions - Muslims, Christians and Jews, and visited the mausoleum, Samarkand treated with respect for the local market - Siyab.

Day 7

Samarkand - Tashkent

Breakfast at the hotel. Samarkand sightseeing continues.

16:00 Transfer to the station

Tashkent, the evening train "Afrosiab" from 17.00 Departure to Samarkand.

20:45 Arrival to Tashkent. Meet and hotel transfer. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8


Breakfast at the hotel.

Weather transmission. Tashkent departure. At the end of the period.

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