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Travel of Uzbekistan 10

Today, a visit to Samarkand

Tour description:

Today, a visit to Samarkand. In the morning start for a high-speed "Afrosiab" There's Samarkand. Meet you, will be the center of the guide and driver. Then start sightseeing in Samarkand. Tour attractions you can visit the city. Excursion for lunch at a local restaurant to eat. Evening, you can train "Afrosiab" back to Tashkent will be given. arrival in Tashkent is 19.40.

Tashkent - Samarkand - Tashkent


Tashkent. Central Station.

08:00 WB "Afrosiab" and start to Samarkand.

10:30 Arrival to Samarkand. You meet the guide and driver will be transferred to the center.

The famous Registan Square in Samarkand sightseeing with a trip to Start - Samarkand in Central Asia and a real masterpiece of architecture, the heart consists of three magnificent buildings: Ulugbek Madrassah, till Madrassa Sherdor and Kori Madrasah. Gur Emir mausoleum after his visit to Registan - the Timurid dynasty in a tomb, Bibi Khanum Mosque - the largest medieval building in the city; Shahi Zinda necropolis - a unique complex of tombs, Ulugbek Observatory - one of the most important astronomical;

Samarkand local market - Siyab

Lunch in a local restaurant.

16:20 Transfer to the station back to Samarqand.

DB "Afrosiab" from 17:00 Departure to Samarkand.

19:40 arrival. At the end of the trip.

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