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Travel of Uzbekistan 07

Jewels of Uzbekistan


Day 1 - Tashkent

• If you have passed passport control and transfer to the hotel upon arrival in Tashkent, will be met by our representatives.

• evening for a pre-tour briefing guide and meet other members of the group. This is usually followed by a dinner to a local restaurant. We are a national dish "plov", rice, vegetables and mixture of meat and try a bit of income. It is one thing to see a lot of our time!

Day 2 - Tashkent

• We spend a full day exploring a city tour of Tashkent attractive.

One of the highlights of a visit to Tashkent • Chorsu Bazaar, Central Asia, examines one of the largest and oldest markets. Walk through the large local market is a fantastic way to go about their daily lives. Some of the friendliest people in the world who want to learn yourself of the Uzbek national, you can find a chat. Be sure to try some of the new products on offer, and this is a great place to get quirky Uzbek souvenirs!

Islamic schools and mosques for Friday sitting of the century to 15 (Friday) - • After browsing through the market, in the 16th century Kulkedash Medressa explore the rich cultural history of Uzbekistan, as well as some of the starts.

• National Museum of Uzbekistan on the Silk Road during the Soviet period, the total area of the country and gives us a great sign.

• Amir Timur Square, the main square of the city and includes the use of a statue of Karl Marx, but in the 14th century, a national hero of Uzbekistan, a statue of Timur, one at the back has been replaced.

• tour of Tashkent's metro system has some strikingly beautiful stations, but keep in mind that the metro is not allowed to take photos.

• The Sunni Muslim religious headquarters of Bara-Khon Medressa in the region and has interesting mosaics and Arabic calligraphy, beginning no later than the 16th century.

• a day of sightseeing and getting to know the people of Uzbekistan and then we can relax in one of the cities most cosmopolitan restaurants and nightclubs.

Day 3 - Xivə

• This morning we left the house before dawn and we will get transferred to the facility from the airport to catch a flight Urgench see it as a very early start. A box breakfast.

• When we land, we Xivə special tools and can be found in the fabled city. A settlement was in the course of the 8th century, the establishment and development started early in the 16th century. Fath Khan, the Silk Road trade, spies and Russian invaders in the game for a long colorful procession made imagination of writers and poets.

• When the sun begins to set, especially in the evenings is not enjoying photographs. This is a beautiful old town in the city that borders, with thick walls, ideal for walking the investigation.

• After you enter through the doors, we were greeted by tall minarets and a large medressas. Our guide, the Kalta Minor Minaret and Mohammed Rakhim Medressa Khan, the 17th century Juma Mosque, minaret, and the Islom-Instructor Medressa (the tallest building built in 1908 and Xivə) and Kuhn Ark, as well as a lot of us through these monuments are Rakhim Muhammad Khan II, 1893-1913, which is the most important goal of the summer palace of Pahlavon Mahmoud Mausoleum Complex (Persian style is the tomb of the patron saint of Xivə) and Dust Palace wetlands were

Day 4 - Xivə - Ayaz Qala

Here is an empty street value and its thousands of years of history in the early morning walk in the morning with a sense of Adorable • Xivə, we recommend that you try to see the sunrise!

• We continue to enjoy the morning is free to explore the Xivə. Ayaz Qala on the edge of the red-sand desert (Ayaz Kala), for the 80-kilometer journey to the north-east Xivə

• the remains of Ayaz Kala and Toprak Kala her sister Amu Darya delta, where 2000 years ago the remains of the old city of Khorezm.

• We are in the 1st century, it's impressive to see places such as the Castle of land, spend the day exploring the area, and in the 3rd century and colonized capital.

• Our adventure in the desert under the stars, we have the traditional Central Asian yurt stay and share your own story is set in the evening.

Day 5 - Red-Gum - Bukhara

• We leave very early in the day and drive 450 km from Bukhara.

• We are the Red-Gum (Red Sands Desert), is the largest Central Asian desert and nomadic people living in a variety of ways.

• Amu Darya River is known as the Oxus We are one. The river gushes from Pamir in the south and west by what is now modern Afghanistan border - the ancient world, famous for its stone mines.

It is a long journey ahead of us Bukhara and Samarkand; • the most effective places to read about something or sit back and have a dealer for the perfect opportunity to imagine - this, of course, will help you through the desert!

Comes from the holy city of Bukhara and the environment • We have to win a free lunch.

• Trade is still domes here, embroidery, jewelry, spices, crafts and all kinds of treasures of the Silk Road, as well as an interesting and diverse range of products we offer. The bargaining skills, as well as a place to share the test. Local merchants for a joke or two, this is truly a magical place and is sure to throw a spell on us!

Day 6 - Bukhara

• A UNESCO World Heritage site is considered to be the holy city of Bukhara in Central Asia. With more than one hundred officially preserved monuments, there is a lot to see, and we make the most of the time, spread over the two days, there is an extensive sightseeing program. Century, with many monuments from 8 to 18, to explore the history and architecture, and we give them a real sense of the wide span of the mosaic and majolica decorations are very careful to restore the original grandeur of the building looked like.

We are in the 5th century AD on the ruins of the Ark • start with a visit to the city, the scene of several terrible events is the heart of the old. Today we are in 1718 and the visit of the emirs of worship "Bolo Hauz mosque, which is the official place to work for. These Ismail Samani Mausoleum, the resting place of the founder of the dynasty Saminid. These Chashma Ayub mausoleum, applied Poikalon complex (KALONA Minaret of the Mosque and Mir-i KALONA Arab Medressa) and Ulugbek and Abdul Aziz Khan Medressa.

• Twilight of the Lyabi-Hauz Pool, a central meeting place is circulating around a traditional "tea room" (tea house) style dinner (optional), you can.

Day 7 - Bukhara

• We have a ton of different on our second day of sightseeing in Bukhara begins. Built in 1577, the Tim Abdulla Khan, this is one of the most delicate medressas. All kinds of things can be found for sale in the covered market. The three domes left and we have no deals for the trade and the Silk Road of wander through the residents of the region since the trade, the spirit of the experience.

• In the middle of the market is Maghoki-Attar, the oldest mosque in Central Asia, said. Alisher Mohi Hosa means Star and Garnet Garden and was the summer residence of the last Emir. His wealth of local and European influences in its design and features are reflected in the combination. The halls are richly decorated with tapestries and paintings.

• The evening is free to explore back to Bukhara night.

Days 8-9 - Nurata - Sentab Village - Samarkand

• We captivating Bukhara and Samarkand in the east to leave this morning.

• Our first stop was previously known only to a certain Nurata by Alexander the Great in the 3rd century. The ancient city once considered the border between the fertile and wild, and the ruins of the old story of Alexander's Castle Hill has been proven.

• After lunch in a local teahouse we continue south on Lake Aiderkul Nuratau-Kyzylkum Biosphere.

• We are a small village in the mountains, climb the narrow roads to go to Sentab need to change a small car. The United Nations Development Programme as part of the project, the family built a small private pension and welcome visitors to their homes. Our hosts, such as ethnic Tajiks, it's another to hear the delicious home-cooked local food to eat, and the regional language of the village is a unique opportunity to see the day-to-day life.

• Accommodation in traditional style - Group communal rooms (usually divided by sex), and mattresses, sleep in a yurt stay is not similar experiences. The bathroom facilities are basic, but managed - with very simple shower and toilet arrangements. Small, but we are concerned about such things tapchan "(day beds) under the walnut trees lounge, and once-in-a-lifetime experience of cultural exchange, press time.

• It is a rest or have numerous walking trails for those who are on their feet, is the perfect place for our hosts will be happy to show you.

• We have more time for the rest of the morning. After lunch, we travel, we are going to Samarkand.

Day 10 - Samarkand

• We Samarkand sightseeing and exploring the city, more than two days of the Silk Road used for any other reasons, maybe more.

• Since its inception in the 5th century, artisans and commercial center of Samarkand, and also won a lot of prices. Explained that the Soviet invasion of 329 BC According to Alexander the Great, who attacked its walls, the original capital of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Uzbekistan in 1924, as a rich, complex history of Samarkand.

• Gur Emir mausoleum today, the final resting place of the mighty Timur and your sons and grandsons. For a man of his stature, rather than a simple grave.

• A highlight of our trip was, of course, the above three medressas (Ulugbek, Sher Dor and Till-Kari) will stand with the legendary Registan square.

Free afternoon in this special ride before our own discoveries • We completed the tour for the day with a trip to the center of arts and crafts.

Day 11 - Samarkand

• After breakfast sightseeing tour to start another one and a half days.

• A man's love for his wife, was built as a symbol of the great and infinite, because the Registan, built by Timur and Bibi-Khanum mosque in Taj Mahal is often close. The mosque is a lot of photographers noisy stalls and a large number of photos will love the vivid and colorful Siob Bazaar, overlooking, as well as local traders to face with the friendly greetings.

• Shah-i-Zinda Mausoleum complex was the next stop. In addition, a series of more than 20 tombs, some of them beautiful, colorful tiles, with "The Dead City" is known as.

• Early in the 15th century, Ulugbek was an emir, but it was a well-known astronomer. The observatory found in the ruins of a former era is an incredible story-telling.

• This afternoon, just a little more time for us to enjoy the free left Samarkand. Perhaps you can find delicious fresh produce or local market, a visit to find the perfect gift for the embedded Registan Ensemble is open to a lot of stalls.

Day 12-13 - Samarkand - Tashkent

We have to get back to the night in the capital, Samarkand and drive five hours to leave Uzbekistan • Our adventure is almost ready.

• We have a free afternoon in Tashkent to enjoy a farewell dinner, and today we can gather around, with the highlight of our trip, and we have seen the end of all things is.

• The visit to Tashkent after breakfast on day 13

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