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Travel of Uzbekistan 01


Amazing historical and cultural tour you are one of the world's civilizations Margiana ancient and medieval times and the origin of the Bronze Age through to the present day - the golden age of Turkmenistan. They shores of the Caspian Sea in the south west of the Iranian border and east to the mountains of the Moon, which Dehistan Girkaniya and the ruins of the dinosaurs Koytendag unique highland mountains to the north of Turkmenistan, the most interesting places in the world heritage sites Kunya Urgench. You are famous historical monuments, but also from Turkmenistan not only the unique nature of the information.

Route: Ashgabat - Turkmenabad (formerly Chardjou) - Kugitang Mountain - Mary - Ashgabat - Moon Mountains (settlement Karakala) - Balkanabad - Yangikala - Turkmenbashi - Avaza resort on the Caspian Sea - Ashgabat - Tashauz - Kunya Urgench - Ashgabat

Duration: 15 days




Day 1: Arrival in Ashgabat. The rest of the city sightseeing tour.

Get 2 Day Tours.

Turkmenabad Flight Day 3. Kugitang move mountains.

Kugitangu days 4 days hiking.

5 Move the Karakum desert sand and saxaul forests Marie today.

Day 6 Full day excursions to the ancient Merv.

Day 7 Ashgabat travel.

Move the Mountains of the Moon in 8 days. Mountain village near the border with Iran Karakala night.

Day 9 Balkanabad motion.

Day 10 for the land of canyons - Yangikala.

Port city of Turkmenbashi on the Caspian Sea 11. Avaza resort.

12 days to relax and swim in the Caspian Sea. This is an evening flight to Ashgabat.

Day 13 Tashauz motion. This was an attack on the gate of a gas chimney.

14-day tour of Kunya Urgench. This is an evening flight to Ashgabat.

15 days left for home.

Travel of Uzbekistan
Travel of Uzbekistan 01 
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