Tours to Turkmenistan

Name of the tour: Turkmenistan short tour
Duration: 3 days
Short Description: If you have a limited time to Turkmenistan, this tour will help you to have a glance at its main highlights. The tour will begin in Ashagbat city where you will visit amazing museums and parks. Then you will discover Darwaza, burning gas crater in Karakum desert. Read more...

Turkmenistan short tour, Tours to Turkmenistan

Name of the tour: Darwaza extension tour

Duration: 3 days
Short Description: Darwaza extension tour will help you to enjoy the historical monuments of Ashagbat city and visit the famous Darwaza gas crater. You will enjoy calming serenity of Karakum desert with burning with millions of flames of the crater and spend overnight in tents. Then you can continue your tour to Uzbekistan crossing the nearest border. Read more...

Darwaza extension tour, Tours to Turkmenistan

Name of the tour: Darwaza tour

Duration: 4 days
Short Description: This tour is short in days but rich in exploring history and nature. It starts in the most marble city of the world, Ashgabat city and you will explore the main highlight of the country, Darwaza gas crater. You will sleep in yurts and enjoy the enchanting view of burning crater and gazing at night stars. Read more...

Darwaza tour, Tours to Turkmenistan

Name of the tour: Exploring the capital
Duration: 4 days
Short Description: his tree day tour, will introduce you to Turkmenistan, which still stays as one of the monst conservative countries on the planet. Read more...

Exploring the capital, tours to Turkmenistan 

Name of the tour: The Mesmerizing Turkmenistan
Duration: 8 days
Short Description: Turkmenistan is one of the most interesting countries due to the fact that it is considered to be one of the closed countries that rarely have plenty of tourist. However, you will have a chance to visit this unusual and interesting place and see with you own life the way that the people of Turkmenistan live on everyday basis. Read more...

The Mesmerizing Turkmenistan

Name of the tour: The jewel on the shore of Caspian Sea
Duration: 7 days
Short Description: The following tour will show you the best of Turkmenistan, it is designed in a way that you will be able to see the main attractions. The tour spreads through the whole country which is why sometimes you would have to take planes or trains in order to reach one town or another. Read more...

The Jewel of the shore of the Caspian Sea

Name of the tour: On the beach of the Caspian Sea
Duration: 8 days
Short Description: The following tour around Turkmenistan is very unique due tot he fact, that apart from seeing the old monuments, learning about the history of the country, and walking around it's museums, parks and old towns, you will also be taken to the Caspian Sea in order to fully recognize the beauty and the riches that this country has been holding within itself for many years. Charge your cameras and enjoy your tour. Read more...

On the beach of Caspian Sea 


Name of the tour: Turkmenistan's Box of Treasures
Duration: 9 days
Short Description: Turkmenistan is not only famous for its past, but it is also known for the work that is has done in the current times in order to improve the country and make it more tourist-friendly. You will see the beauty of the country that was very strict with who to let inside. And you will also learn who do people call Ashgabat the "marble city". Read more...

Turkmenistan's Box of Treasures

We offer you exclusive tours in Turkmenistan, one of the most mysterious but tourist friendly destination in Central Asia. The best to travel here are the spring and autumn months, as summers are quite hot. Many travelers prefer to visit Turkmenistan along with other countries in Central Asia. Whether it is a combined tour or just within the country, our company will make sure you will have the best of it and include all the main highlights as well as off-beaten tracks.

Most Turkmenistan tours include the visit to Darwaza gas crater, which is like a visiting card to the country, located in Karakum desert and formed accidentally in 1971 as a result of drilling the cavern filled with natural gas. When the equipment and transport fell into a big hole by accident, the people fearing of the leakage of poisonous gas decided to burn it hoping that the place will ran out of gas within few days. But days, weeks, months, and years passed but the crater is still burning. Nowadays it is the most enigmatic site of Turkmenistan tours.

Besides the capital city of Ashgabat represent a unique city all over the region, it is considered the most marble city in the world and has amazing architecture. There are many historical monuments and places to visit in Ashgabat, as well as the horse farm of famous Akhal Teke horses and remains of Nisa, capital of ancient Parthia. There are also remains and monuments of the past in historical cities of Mary, Merv and Kunya Urgench. You can also visit the Yangikala canyons whose landscape represents cosmic shape and Kow Ata underground lake in Nokhur cave.

There are so many things to discover during your tour in Turkmenistan.  Come and enjoy!