Short Pamir Tour

 Short Pamir tour, Tours to Tajikistan

Name of the tour: Short Pamir Tour
7 days

Day 1: Dushanbe
After your flight, you will be met by a guide at the airport. He will accompany you on your tour to Dushanbe.The whole day is dedicated to sightseeing such as Rudaki Park, the National library, the White house, the National state seal and the Parliament building, the Ministry of the interior and the largest national flag in the world. It rises at a height of 165 m, 30 m wide and 60 m long. Lunch is scheduled after the tour of the national Museum. Today you will also visit the Museum of traditional musical instruments of Gurminj. The city tour will end with a visit to the Eastern Bazaar, where you will observe the culture of trade of the Tajik people, as well as be able to make interesting purchases for yourself. You will be driven to the hotel after city-tour.

Day 2: Dushanbe - Norak - Kalai Khum
This morning you will travel to a place called Kalai humb. This is a small village. Along the way, we will pass the Nurek reservoir, which is also called the Tajik sea. On the way, you pass through the Shuraba pass (2267 m) and get to the place where the Pamir begins. The beauty of these mountains is breathtaking. Such famous explorers as Marco Polo, Xuan Tsang, Mirza Muhammad Haidar were in these mountains. And now you also have a chance to visit it. Your route will follow the natural border along the Panj river. The Pamir mountain system is called the ocean of blue and white mountains. Today's overnight stay will be in the house of a local family.

Day 3: Kalai Khum - Khorog
Today you visit a town called Khorog.It is considered one of the smallest cities on the world map. Despite this, it is an important regional center for trade, transport and education. The city is located among the rocks at the confluence of three rivers, where the Shohdara river and the Gund river flow into the Panj river. The local population is the Pamir people; they differ in appearance from the native Tajiks. Their lifestyle is also different, as they live high in the mountains. Among them you can find many light blue-eyed people. The Pamir mountain system is the second largest after Tibet. In the end of the day you will be transferred to the guest house.

Day 4: Khorog
Today you will have a whole day to get acquainted and walk around this city. The guide will give you a tour of the Botanical garden. there are a lot of them around the perimeter of the city. The Pamir Botanical garden is located in the coastal zone of the Shahdara river at an altitude of 2320 meters. It is famous for unique plants from all corners of the globe. Work is underway to acclimatize them to the mountain climate. You will walk through the city Park, visit the craft shop and Museum. Also go to the local market and get to know the local way of life.

Day 5: Khorog - Kalai Khum 
Today we return to halay-Kum by the same road. It passes through narrow, winding gorges. Along the way, hundreds of picturesque mountain landscapes will flash by. The height of the mountains reaches 6000 meters. Along the way you can stay in local villages, relax and socialize with the local residents. The settlements are located on both sides of the river. The villages of the Afghans and their gardens are located on the other side of the river. For the night, you will stay in the house of local families, who will welcome you and introduce you to the way of local life.

Day 6: Kalai Khum - Dushanbe
In the morning, you will leave for Dushanbe. The return road passes through a picturesque area, mountain rivers and gorges will accompany you all the way to the capital. Here you can stop and take beautiful photos, meet local people who live in passing villages. Upon arrival in Dushanbe, the guide will take you to the hotel, where you will have a good rest after such an exciting trip. 


Day 7: Flight
Your transfer to the airport is scheduled for the morning.