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Tours to Kazakhstan

Name of the tour: Kazakhstan extension tour
Duration: 3 days
Short Description:
This tour will allow you to explore in depth the city of Almaty, full of monuments, parks, squares and museums and visit the great Charyn Canyons, a smaller prototype of the Grand Canyons of the US, with not inferior beauty comparing to the latter. Read more...

Kazakhstan Extension tour, Tours to kazakhstan

Name of the tour: Kazakhstan short tour

Duration: 4 days
Short Description:
This 4-days tour in Kazakhstan will help you to give a general idea of the country's history with visiting the main historical and cultural monuments of Almaty, the landscape, making a tour to Kaindy Lake and Charyn canyons with amazing nature. The tour is full beautiful views and calming nature. Read more...

Kazakhstan short tour, Tours to Kazakhstan

Name of the tour: South of Kazakhstan
Duration: 3 days
Short Description: If you are fan of nature and activities, this tour will perfectly suit you. During this 5-days tour in the south of Kazakhstan you will explore wonderful national parks filled with amazing landscape and lakes with turquoise colors. In Kolsai and Kaindy lakes you will have hiking with beautiful views, while in Charyn you will enjoy totally different landscape. Read more...

South of Kazakhstan, Tours to Kazakhstan

Name of the tour: Circle of natural wonders
Duration: 6 days
Short Description: Those five days around Kazahstan, will not only show you the old capital and the new capital, but you will also travel around the wonderful canyons and visit one of the most beautiful lakes on the territory of the country. Enjoy the trip around one of the greatest countries in central Asia. Read more...

Circle of natural wonders, tours to Kazakhstan 

Kazakhstan is a vast country occupying enormous territory rich in steppes and embraced with majestic Tien Shan Mountains from its south -eastern part. The landscape is prevailed by semi-deserts and steppes which made possible gathering the natural sources like gas making it one of the richest countries of the region. Kazakhstan has a lot to offer interesting tours even to a veteran tourist. The cities like Nur-Sultan and Almaty, big and fast developing have many interesting architecture, different and unique in their own ways. Nur-Sultan is a young city filled with new constructions, wide parks and beautiful squares and museums. Nearby in four0hours drive you can visit Borovoye Natural Park with a group of lakes surrounded by picturesque mountains providing complete relaxing and leisure. Almaty has a long history and can boast with not only many historical monuments but also with sites which are short distance drive sites of interest like Medeo gorge with the ice skating rink, Shymbulak ski resort, Big Almaty and Issyk lakes with amazing water color and surrounding mountain ridges, giving them spectacular views.

Besides in the outskirts of Shymkent city it is possible to see some architectural monuments in ancient cities like Turkestan and Otrar, which were popular during the times of Silk Road. During your tour in Kazakhstan you will see numerous natural parks like Altyn Emel with singing dunes, Tamgaly Tas with ancient Buddhist inscriptions, Charyn canyons resembling the famous Grand Canyons,  amazing lakes of Kolsai and Kaindy which provide excellent opportunities for hiking and trekking.

We will help you to organize great tours in Kazakhstan so that you will have unforgettable time. Come and enjoy your historical and cultural tours in Kazakhstan!