Kyrgyzstan shepherds

If during your trip far in the mountains of the owner of the yurt - Ak-Sakal - has invited you into the tent to share with you a meal - do not give up. This, among other things, a great way to learn more about the life and culture of these nomadic Kyrgyz, because in yurts still have all the elements of decor and everyday life, as well as 5-6 centuries ago.
Go to the table you must be served bread and butter. If the jam will be served with tea or sugar - this is a good tone to the guests.
Kyrgyz shepherds - people are not rich, but never hide "deficient product" from the guests to the table.
The accommodation at the table plays a very important role in the center front of the door sits either the owner or his guest of honor, female (daughter, wife, mother-in-law) are rarely present at the table, you will not notice how you will fill the bowl and hold the hot cakes (national bread).
You can surprise and give rise to respect people, if before or after a meal to make 'Omina "(Islamic ritual of blessing the food) - bring your hands to the face.
If you see a tent in the musical instrument - do not be shy to ask the owners to play it.
In gratitude for the hospitality you can give something of their belongings.
Do not be surprised if they want to hold you Kirghiz far enough. They are just nice to show their neighbors that it was their guest.