Kyrgyzstan monuments

Kyrgyzstan saved some monuments of medieval architecture. However, there were significantly greater than the number has come down to us. This is evidenced by a written sources upomi nayuschie the existence of minarets and mosques, gumbez in various cities and archaeological excavations, opening numerous remains of the once brilliant architecture. Frequent howling HN, natural disasters and relentless time - these are the main reasons  HN destruction of most of the monuments.
Among the surviving monuments of architecture - such as bash or Burana, Uzgen architectural complex, the mausoleum of Shah-Fa-Sihl gumbez Manas and a special place belongs to the caravanserai of Tash-Rabat. Its significance lies not only in the fact that it sa me later in the construction of the architecture of Kyrgyzstan is moose at a considerable distance from the developed centers of medieval Central Asia, but in the strangeness of architecture, planning, construction ¬ ing materials from which it was built and etc.

Can not say that Tash-Rabat attracted the attention of researchers teley as well as other historical monuments. That at least he was the object of repeated study. This is the only monument, which was attended by pre-revolutionary Russian researchers there yet when, when they were not aware of other architectural structures in Kyrgyzstan.