Kyrgyzstan inscriptions

Mausoleum of Manas and petroglyphs. Located in Tash-aqyqa on the bank. Kenkol. In 12 south-east of the town of Talas is GumbezManasa, mausoleum, which is said to have been buried Manas. Archaeological studies attribute this to the structure in 1334, it was exposed twice Restoration. A simple five-meter square, built of baked bricks and clay. It has a double dome and entrance, an ornate carved terra-cotta tiles with two inscriptions, one in the ancient Arabic, "The power belongs to Allah." Another sign is too damaged and could not read.

A series of petroglyphs and rock paintings found in the canyons of Talas valley. They belong to the Bronze and Iron Ages, most likely have been drawn, and Saks are images of animals and ritual scenes. The most interesting group of drawings is to "Shining Rock" - a huge granite wall with the image of running deer and goats.
The rest of pictures can be seen on the river Barrow, and Tash in the upper reaches of the river Urmaral.