Kyrgyz people


Without touching on the legends of the Kyrgyz people of Tash-Rabat,  Xia stop on the information contained in the written sources and literature.
For the first time mentions the Tash-Rabat Mohammed Haider, author of the second half of the XVI century. In his manuscript "Tarikh-i-Rashidi," a brief, yet succinct description of the monument. It is true especially caught singularity architecture of the building, which corresponds to the actual layout of the Tash-Rabat. In addition, Mohammed Haider compares it to similar monuments of Kashmir. He believes that Build  ka constructed Mohammed Khan, who ruled in the Mogulistane in 1408 - 1416 years. The only inaccuracy in the description of the Tash-Rabat is its location. The author puts a caravanserai on the north side of the lake is not  Chater-Kul, while the monument is located about 30 km to the west. It is possible that while the whole area imenova  las Chater-Kul.
Later, after the XVI century. and until the middle of the XIX century. the only source of  vennym Tash-Rabat are legends who resigned Kyrgyz people of this wonderful monument. The voluntary entry of Kyrgyzstan to Russia sposobstvova to study of its nature, history and monuments of ancient Russian scientists and researchers.