Instructions for tourists

Bishkek - developed modern city. Here you'll find everything you need: cafes, restaurants, conference office, drugstore, and hospitals, swimming pools and sports clubs.
While in Bishkek, do not forget to carry documents. Upon arrival in Bishkek, be sure to find a local tour company addresses and phone numbers of consulates and embassies. In the case of ill-treatment by law enforcement authorities to urgently contact the embassy or consulate. Never give your documents on demand by the police or other law enforcement agencies.
It is not recommended to attend their own risk areas, which are available in any city. Such areas can tell you friends in Bishkek, or any travel company.
In Bishkek, working several taxi services that you can take advantage of evening and night. Happy as you can get anywhere in the city by taxi.
Any tourist or a group of travelers, traveling independently or using the services of tour companies before traveling to any place in Kyrgyzstan must keep information about themselves in a hotel, guest house, the owner of the apartment that you rent, a tour company whose services you use. And one more thing: to respect the culture of the people living in any country in the world!