Stronghold Burana

Kyrgyzstan has interesting and important sights worth exploring in its vast expanses. You will be able to explore interesting sights during tours of Kyrgyzstan and explore interesting views of nature and learn about the geography and culture of the country. Burana Tower is one of the most important objects of the country that can be explored. You will be able to explore this monument during tours in Kyrgyzstan and to do this, rent a car from our company to comfortably take off on tours. The tower is 60 km away. from the city of Bishkek in the Chui region.

And while you are traveling here, visit it. You will be able to go on tours to Kyrgyzstan with our company and find out information about the storm. This tower is an ancient and at the same time a valuable part of the architectural complex of the city of Balasagun. The city itself is very ancient and disappeared from the face of the earth in the Middle Ages. And in order for your trip to be successful, you can rent a car. The tower began to exist in the 11th century as it was built by the Karakhanids, and was built at 45 meters. After that, the powerful Genghis Khan and his army came to the city to crush the city. During this time, his army managed to ruin the minaret and destroy many buildings. The town disappeared in the 15th century. In the 19th century, Soviet researchers decided to repair the minaret. All the finds that were found on the territory of the minaret were sent to the Historical Museum in Bishkek. You can visit the city while traveling in Kyrgyzstan.