Seasons and weather

Our team helps tourists to realize the desire to travel around Kyrgyzstan and therefore provide tours with a comfortable renting cars service. To get started, you should familiarize yourself with the seasons and weather in Kyrgyzstan, which is essential to know before you start traveling. Therefore, about the weather in Kyrgyzstan, we can say that it is a country with constant sun, warm and even hot weather. This small and unique country of Central Asia is located among the mountains and has no direct access to the seas or oceans.

Tourists during their tour with rent car Kyrgyzstan service realize that there are all 4 seasons on the territory of the state, therefore the weather is different in all seasons. In March, Kyrgyzstan has a warm and beautiful spring season, but in the mountains, this time begins in April. However, in spring the weather in Kyrgyzstan is very changeable. From time to time, it rains and even snow, and then a surprisingly sunny and even hot day comes. The mountains protect Kyrgyzstan from stormy winds, which is a huge advantage for traveling around the country. During the spring season, temperatures range from +9 ° C (50 ° F) to +23 ° C (74 ° F).

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Spring is coming to an end and the summer season begins in Kyrgyzstan. Summer in Kyrgyzstan is hot, and in the mountains, there is pleasant cool weather. Summer is already coming in mid-May in the lowlands of the country. By the way, the tour with rent cars Kyrgyzstan service in the summer takes first place among the tours in all seasons. Traveling in summer in Kyrgyzstan is a very good time, especially in the mountains, because in early summer temperatures can reach + 28 ° C (83 ° F) and towards the end it starts to rise above +30 ° C (86 ° F).

Summer is replaced by another season called autumn. In autumn, in truth, the weather is unpleasant, cold. During this period, the weather worsens; with height, it becomes colder than in the lowlands. Nevertheless, traveling with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service in autumn is also relevant because the air temperature allows starting from +25 ° C (77 ° F) and ends with +9 ° C (78 ° F), -2 ° C (28 ° F).

Now the coldest period among all seasons is next and it is winter. If tourists take the tour in the winter, they notice that when you go higher up the hills, it gets colder, stormy. In winter, heavy snowfalls blow in Kyrgyzstan, which means that there is a large amount of rainfall throughout the country. However, the winter season has its own miracle, because the mountains are covered with incredibly beautiful snow like in a winter fairy tale, and therefore the tours with renting cars are also in demand this season among the travel sphere. The temperature is about +4 ° C (39 ° F), from -7 ° C (20 ° F) to those that may be below -15 ° C.