Rivers icing

Our company is advanced in travelling sphere and can offer any kind of tours with car rent service. We have guides and drivers who qualitatively reacts to their job. In this article we will tell about glaciers.

Glaciers are located in the highest parts of the world. Only some of the largest glaciers of the marginal ridge at an altitude of 2850 meters are closer to the upper boundary of the forest. Overall territory of the republic glaciers unevenly distributed. The Tien Shan developed all the classic forms of glaciation - valley, cirque, hanging glaciers and various combinations thereof. Among the natural resources of Kyrgyzstan an important place occupies fresh water in the glaciers. These waters are characterized by low mineralization, which allows them to be widely used for irrigation. In 1980, Kyrgyzstan registered 6582 glaciers. During tours we will visit "Ice Rivers" valley. Take into account that with the help of car rent it will be faster.

We will explore together glaciers as Enilchek, ak Sai and Adygene in Ala Archa National Park, and many other locations. Our tours are very atmospheric. You will remember them for a long time!