Our tours in Kyrgyzstan will be great and beautiful, you will be able to explore the rituals and useful information. Our company has prepared an interesting article for you, in which you can explore before the start of your interesting tours.

Tourists on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to enjoy interesting landscapes, see many interesting views and rent a comfortable car for this. You have a great opportunity to explore the rituals of the country and meet the locals. You will also learn customs and traditions along the way. The history of rituals itself is very ancient, and also comes from the period of the Turkic peoples. The rites and rituals themselves were based on their way of life as they led a nomadic lifestyle.

In Kyrgyzstan, you can rent a car and go on tours to enjoy the interesting nature, rituals that are associated with childbirth. So the first ritual that exists with Kyrgyzstan is suinchu, or the event of saying the good news, when parents receive gifts. After that, there is also the korunduk ritual, which is at the distribution of money to parents when they come to see the child. There is also another ritual that is a celebration of the child, and is called beshik toy. A large number of people usually come to this ritual, prepare delicious food, and light juniper. There is also a tushuu kesuu which is a rite of passage when a child takes their first steps. Usually, close people, relatives, come here to tie the child's legs, and then other older children start running on distilleries to achieve the goal-to untie the ropes on their legs.

There is also another kind of tradition, you can rent a car and explore it. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to explore the wedding or even witness it. In our country, such an event is given great importance, and engagement rituals. And also on this day, the main goal is to invite as many guests as possible, but at least people are experiencing big losses. Ala kachuu is a traditional ritual that is based on an event, but it is now banned. In this ritual, the bride is abducted, sometimes by an unknown person. When a bride is abducted, she has no chance or opportunity to leave the groom's home. After that, there is an engagement or another nickname. It is known to be based on the legalization of marriage according to Muslim canons. The kyz uzatuu ritual is when the bride is in the center of attention, when relatives and friends accompany her to another house. The wedding itself takes place afterwards in a restaurant, with a large number of guests giving lots of toasts. And this is the main rituals of the country, which are based on a rented car on tours in Kyrgyzstan.