Before embarking on any tour, you should learn a little about the new territory. Now there will be a small review of Kyrgyzstan. Travelers mostly resort to the help of specialists in order not to make a mistake with the tour. It is no secret that travel companies know more about the country and are generally experienced in travel. The same can be said about our company, because we have been working in this area for several years, so we include only worthwhile places in the tour. We make tours personally for the interests of each of our clients. Places of visit, sights that you will see while traveling in Kyrgyzstan are different for each tour! Our company also provides excellent service - cars for rent. Rent cars service will delight you with a large selection.

As for the choice of cars, we can recommend our travelers to rent a car like a jeep. There is a simple explanation for this: Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country, in remote mountainous areas, roads are difficult to maintain, and hence the roads are known for poor conditions. Roads in such areas of Kyrgyzstan can be muddy, gravel and sometimes without asphalt.

As already, mentioned, our Kyrgyzstan is rich in mountains; this indicates that travelers on the tour enjoy hiking, trekking, and horse riding. With cars for rent drive to the mountains and enjoy conversations with locals or nomads. You will love to spend time with the locals, as they are very hospitable. Our guests spend the night in guesthouses who want more comfort, and those who like experiments spend the night in yurts. Yurts are traditional nomadic dwellings. Consequently, in such dwellings, the toilet is on the street, and showers are rarely common things. Would you like great service? Then our company will provide you with a service. We have everything, cars for rent, and amazing tours!


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