Let's talk about the transportation possibilities of Kyrgyzstan so that you feel comfort explore and travel around the country. Now let's start by talking about railway transportation. The Kyrgyz Temir Zholy railway company or the Kyrgyz Railway operates in the country. However, the availability of railway transportation in Kyrgyzstan does not mean that you will be able to travel by train everywhere during the tour. It should be noted that Kyrgyzstan is still a mountainous country and the possibilities of railway transportation are limited. However, this is not a reason to be sad because we will also offer cars for rent on the tour, with the help of which you can get even to the most remote regions of the country.

Now, again returning to the topic of railway transportation, we note that in Kyrgyzstan, trains travel in the direction of the northern and southern parts. There is such an idea for travelers in Kyrgyzstan to use not only cars for rent, but also a train if they go to the Issyk Kul region. You can take tickets from Bishkek to Balykchy and so get to Issyk Kul region. By the way, this railway continues to the railway of Kazakhstan. In the past, it was possible to travel by train from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan. Many visitors to the country did this on their tour, buying a ticket there from Osh or Jalal Abad. Nevertheless, today it is no longer possible to do this.

You are on the website of the Railway Company, or tutu.ru can find out the timetable clearly. Just please take into account that it is hardly possible to get to the appointed place in the shortest possible time using railway transportation. It is for this reason that many travel on the tour with Bishkek car for rent service, so you can comfortably and quickly get to any place.

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