Peak Pobeda

Kyrgyzstan is a country of mighty mountains and boasts beautiful and charming peaks. In tour in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to learn about the peak Pobeda. And so this peak has a height of 7439 m, it has a border with China,and was considered the highest point in Soviet times. In order for your tour to pass with all the amenities you need to rent a car.

When on tours, guests of the country will be able to explore the sights, information about the peaks, and learn facts about the peaks. You can find out in the tours that the nearby glacierZvezdochka is located. And travelers in Kyrgyzstan will be able to find out that in China this peak is called as Tomur. And the peak has an interesting history, like the fact that the famous researcher P. Semenov gave the name of the peak the wrong name.

Here you can find out in the tours that he mistakenly called him Khan-Tengri. And for this reason, at different times, 2 peaks had the same name. After the peak received its name as "Victory" after the victory of the Second World War. And different alpinists and teams were able to conquer the summit at different times. And we can say that due to bad weather conditions, many attempts failed. Our company offers tourists to rent a car for tours in Kyrgyzstan and also to be amazed at all the places of Kyrgyzstan, the most remote.