Before entering the region, tourists to Kyrgyzstan make an exploration of the country and in this case, they focus on currency. Consequently, the guests like to hear something about the amount of the currency to be brought as one of the questions. Kyrgyzstan car rental has been taken and with dollars and soms, the people coming here will pay. Money in the country's banks can be traded. Som is the dominant currency in most countries. Please take into account the tours in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car for a comfortable tour.

The prices in the Bishkek banks are varied, but they are definitely higher than those in the regions of the country or in the bazaars. The boarders need to exchange currency to move here, and the banks operate regularly until 5 pm, with money exchange offices about 24 hours a day. It is invaluable to have a passport for the money exchange scheme during tours in Kyrgyzstan. There are Visa and Master card credit cards, however, and they cannot be used in all locations. So, in Kyrgyzstan, cash is used on tours.