Ancient locality of Rukh Ordo complex

The mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan can show beautiful landscapes in its vast expanses and conquer tourists during tours with its unsurpassed nature. Also on our tours in Kyrgyzstan, we invite guests to explore an incredible place like the Rukh Ordo complex. It contains various religions, where the center for the exchange of feelings and thoughts is also represented, and people are enriched by cultures. During the tours, you will be able to see the world of legends, historical events and also enjoy a tour of the territory of the complex.

Guests of Kyrgyzstan on tours in Kyrgyzstan will be able to rent a car, explore the natural attractions and also enjoy the ride. During the tours, you will be able to learn the facts from a scientific point of view. This complex was built deliberately because people wanted to create a place that could encompass all religions, peoples. Various presidents are often invited here. And you will also be able to explore that it is washed by the Issyk Kul lake from the southern part and bordered by the beautiful Kungei Ala-Too mountain range from the northern side. The idea of the complex is to show people the charming scenery, and also to show all the main five religions that are planted side by side. In our tours, customers will be able to rent a car, enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn the history of the complex. In this complex there are five chapels, which symbolize tolerance towards each other, the need to respect others. During the tours, you will be able to enjoy traveling around the country in a rented car, explore the facts about the nature and history of the country.