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The unique territories of the countries of Central Asia in the form of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are worth it for you to start travel around these places. If you want to take a tour of these Central Asian countries, we can provide you with a car for rent. Countries of 5 "stan" have been closely related since ancient times, both in history and culture, and of course are neighboring countries. Nevertheless, you should not think that they are the same, because each of them knows how to surprise travelers with their uniqueness during the tour.

Kyrgyzstan is considered one of the smallest countries in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan has a large reserve of natural resources and is surrounded by mountains. Tourists have fun in the mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan during the tour doing hiking, or off-road in the mountains of the country gives an excellent chance to ride with adrenaline by means of our car for rent. The lakes of Kyrgyzstan are another of the components that make the country famous in the travel environment. Such lakes as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others are considered the most important to visit during the travel tour. There are many glaciers and rivers here, which also indicates that Kyrgyzstan is rich in water resources. In Kyrgyzstan, you can see the indescribable beauty of nature and enjoy. In addition, the kind locals will delight you on the tour.

The country of Central Asia known for the steppes is Kazakhstan. This Central Asian country really has something to see, so it is not for nothing that they are popular in the travel industry. Well, the must-see places in Kazakhstan during the tour with a rented car are, of course, the Big Almaty Lake, the Medeo skating rink, the Charyn canyon, the cableway in Almaty and many other places. The cultural part of Kazakhstan has more similarities with Kyrgyzstan, but the nature of these two countries is what makes them distinctive.

Another mountainous country in Central Asia is Tajikistan. Like Kyrgyzstan, this country is famous mainly for its mountainous structure, these two countries are neighboring and therefore their relief has great similarities. However, Tajikistan is also a country with unique nature, and places that are worth seeing on the tour with the car for rent service.

Remembering the east, probably the first thing that comes to mind of every person is most likely Uzbekistan. It is in Uzbekistan that you will taste the original pilaf during the tour. Yes, Uzbekistan is the birthplace of this dish and here you can find different variations of it. You will definitely like the rich and hearty cuisine of this country. Here, we advise tourists to go to the bazaar to experience the oriental flavor, taste oriental sweets and bargain. Travel around Uzbekistan with a rented car means seeing many historical structures. Their culture, local hospitable people, you will love.

There are tours to another wonderful Central Asian country like Turkmenistan, despite the fact that it is considered a closed country. There are so many attractions here that they urge you to take the tour with a rented car and start to travel. Turkmenistan has the very famous Karakum desert, as well as a gas crater. Travelers take the tour with car for rent to explore the ancient ruins of cities such as Nisa and Merv.

In the countries of Central Asia, very hospitable people, delicious cuisine, rich culture and ancient unforgettable history await you.

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