We were planning this tour almost a year and were hoping to spend our vacation in these two beautiful countries. The travel company representatives are always responding to our messages very quickly which lead us to book this tour. The tour was organized in a very efficient way for us not getting tired of being in the car most of the time. We really liked architecture, cuisine in Kazakhstan and landscape of Kyrgyzstan.

Mehri, Feedback


It was full of joy and huge experience in Central Asian history and adventure. I was very glad to choose May month, because less people travelling to Kyrgyzstan and nice weather in Uzbekistan. The cities like Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are magically beautiful; it made me feel like back to medieval ages. I really appreciated that Uzbek people put many effort to preserve the history. The Kyrgyzstan's untouched nature is an excellent addition to Uzbekistan.

Erez, Feedback


We had enough time to explore Uzbekistan, but limited time in Kyrgyzstan. It is another reason to come back to this country. We were very pleased by the service provided, hope I will book my next trip also here.

Konrad, Feedback


We truly enjoyed travelling in Central Asia. What a beautiful country Kyrgyzstan is, with full of hospitable people. The Tajik part of our journey was rich in history and architecture. The service, guide, driver and all accommodation was just perfect. We highly recommend merging these countries.

Nasiba, Feedback


I and three of my friends from England, Australia and Singapore decided to in Central Asia. Despite the fact that we were coming from different places on different time, all organization was done well. We enjoyed all the sites, local guides and transport means. What really impressed by the nature of Tien Shan.

Vladimir, Feedback


Central Asia has been in our bucket list for a long time. We decided to start with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, which are beautiful with an amazing culture. There were many interesting sites to see and we met friendly local people offering tea. We never forget our first bite of this area. Many thanks to everyone who took part in organizing our tour.

Uma, Feedback